Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well my husband took our family and his mom to Stateline for the Memorial Weekend. It was great on day one and then after that just fell apart. Everyone was excited to go. The weather was great not too much traffic for us we left early. Then my ankle was hurting but that did not stop me from shopping no way I trucked around the mall like a trooper. I have not been out shopping in like two months since I am always sick. Well that night my right ankle was sooooo swollen like a balloon and I could not walk on it at all. Daryl wanted to get me a wheelchair to push me around, but I refused all these good looking girls and me in a wheelchair. No thanks luclikly the hot shower did a little good and I was able to hobble to the car and make it home. I then went to urgent care to see what I did this time and he said I tore a tendon from overuse and need to stay off of it. Easier said then done but luckily it is the weekend. My poor husband always wanting me to have fun with him and something goes wrong usually on my part. Ha Ha!

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