Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Month Old

Our little Monkey is one month old today. Wow we can't believe how big you have gotten in one month. We took you for your check up and you are doing so well gaining weight and very healthy. You are eating very good and mom is doing her best to keep up with you. You are starting to go for longer sleep periods at night time which makes mom and dad very happy. You dislike having a dirty diaper and even changing the dirty diaper is not your favorite. You make a lot of noises and everyone laughs. You love your bath time and smile the whole time. You love to be bundled up and cuddled. You love to swing, look at the Christmas tree lights and listen to the rain. Happy one month birthday!

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Shannon Hartz said...

Wow, one month already, time flyes... Saturday Caed was 3 months - I can't believe it:) We have those same soft monkey jammies -love 'em:)