Saturday, October 1, 2011

Featured Friend- Shannon Hartz

I wanted to start featuring some of my personal friends that inspire me. I wanted to start first by introducing you to an amaing friend of mine:
Shannon Hartz
Shannon and her husband Robert (Bobby) as I know him have been married for 10 years going on 11 this December 30th. They have gone through so much with each other and their love continues to grow each year.
They have 4 beautiful children Brock, Dane, Briley and Caed, that keep this family very busy to say the least.
About two years ago Shannon and her husband opened a Crossfit gym in Chino Hills, with their partner BJ. This is a wonderful family oriented gym where they both put a lot of time and effort in to working out and staying healthy.
Be sure to check out their website at .

Shannon takes great pride in herself, as you can see in the photos, she is at the gym or busy chasing her children and eating an impecable diet that keeps her in great shape.
I asked Shan which is her most favorite workout and her least and here is what she had to say.

"My favorite is the GHD sit-up machine. It's this crazy machine that you get your legs into then you do like a back bend then sit up. It's a great workout for abs - which are my favorite to workout. I have to say I do like doing legs though too, and weighted lunges are one of my favorite leg/butt workouts.
" My least favorite is double undrers (jump roping where the rope goes around twice for each jump). It it an awesome cardio wokrout and great for the calves, but after having 4 kids - it often makes me pee my pants - just gonna be totally honest with this one." If you have done these as a mom you know what she is talking about. 

   I asked Shannon to say a few diet tips with us all
She says "I heard a saying once that I TOTALLY agree with" -
"you can never out train your diet"
It is so so so true. Diet is super important. I try to look at food as fuel. I tend to eat a pretty much zone diet. I try to stick to low fat, low carb high protein meals, and I eat 5 - 6 small meals a day. Fries, chips, cookies... - they have NO nutritional value - they are just going to pad your body. If you want to look lean and have definition then you need to eat lean and workout hard.
When Shannon finds time to spare she loves to spend time with her family, by going to the beach or taking the kids to the movies, or playing at the park and watching them grow up.

Well I just wanted to add that Shannon is truly an amzing women with such a love for life and she is definitly enjoying it to the fullest. Check out her blog:

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