Sunday, August 30, 2009

7 Months Pregnant

Whoo Brandon and I have made it to 7 months now. Things are going great! I have only put on a pound and a half. I guess morning sickness was good for something huh? Glucose test came back and we are good no diabetes. Blood pressure a little elevated this time but we will watch it closely. My Ob Dr. is good friends with my Dr. that I work for so I told him it is high because he is stressing me out. He just laughed. We are feeling every little kick swish turn and roll. We are having our Braxton Hicks(warm up labor). Those are always fun when your stomach just tightens when you are in the middle of something. We need to get to the hospital for our Maternity Tour so we know what to do and where to go,but when they have the classes we have to go to AZ to take care of our house becasue of our last wonderful tennent did not... I just finished all my baby shower invitations they came out way too cute. Can't wait for the shower. Of course it is going to be at a Mexican restaurnat that is my favorite food!!! I am hoping for all my prego friends to have an easy and safe delivery with lots of healthy babies. Some of them have only a few weeks left like my cousin Tricia and my friend Shannon. Then pretty soon it will be my turn and yes I am nervous about the delivery where I was not last time... since I did not know what to expect. Oh well we all do it that is us women oh and yes that one man did it too.

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