Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr's appt update

We are now 31 weeks alongeven though we measure 32 and baby is growing like a weed. Well maybe too much growing. They kept asking if I had diabetes because he is huge and I told them after two tests later no diabetes. I asked if they would deliver early and they think no since he still has to mature. So what they are considering is doing a ceserean delivery as a possibility so he will not get stuck coming out. We will find out more in a couple of weeks and see where his growth is at then. I do not know how you get a huge kid when hubby and I are the smallest in our families, but I do have some tall genes on my side.Also I have gained only 9 pounds so far and baby is weighing in at 4.5 lbs. I think he needs to go on a baby diet... I also have to start doing the non fetal stress tests in 3 weeks two times a week oh boy my schedule is going to get busy soon so I am frantically trying to get the boys room done now before I deliver.....

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Michelle said...

When I had my last ultrasound with Dallas, his measurements predicted he would be a 10lb baby. He wasn't even 7 lbs, just had a big head!!! You look great! Good luck with everything!!!